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Passports, SSNs and 26 USC 6039E

Passports, SSNs and 26 USC 6039E

One thought on “Passports, SSNs and 26 USC 6039E

  1. gary

    Hello Mr. Pringle,
    I am a friend of TJ, and listened to the webinar you did with him a few weeks ago. I have been working on an IRS problem for my son since 2014 were they fined him $5 K under section 6725 for failure to report a form under section 4101. They have since applied his 2015 and 2016 over-payments to this fine and just today he received a letter that they are looking for another $1,700 by the 28th of June or they will Levi his accounts. He has nothing to do with “Fuel” storage and never has. I have written to the Ogden UT office and have had no response. I know your time is valuable if there is a way to help me rectify this with your help I will donate. I first thought of filling a suite against them under FDCPA and have them prove there case I feel it also gets it out of the kangaroo tax court.

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